The Volcano update (build 4958)

Hi all!

Here is the partially implemented Volcano!

The update includes:

  • The Market, which can be found in the Pirate Bay. Here you can buy a pickaxe for farming gemstones. Also here you can exchange your gemstones for fish.
  • The Volcano itself with the only Level 1 implemented where you can farm gemstones. Note that you can «kill» ores only with a pickaxe.
  • Elemental armours. First collect some gemstones (one of each type). Then obtain a Knight Body Armour at the Castle’s entrance. Then you’ll be able to enchant it in the Forge (lower left building in the Outland Village) using the gemstones. An enchated armour will lower the damage from appropriate element by 90%. Also it will protect from other types of attack, lowering down the damage by 25%.
  • Fixed Enchanted Knight Body Armour. It now lowers down only 50% of the inflicted damage.

Test it and enjoy it! Regards and happy gemstone farming,

P.S. Almost forgot — changed the outlook of the Outland island )

Elemental armours announce

Hi there!

I’d like to announce what is supposed to be next in Outland.

I’m going to add elemental armors to the game. Four elements would be present: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. These elemental armors will protect you against appropriate elemental attacks, lowering down the damage by about 90%. The elemental armor can be obtained by enchanting Knight Body Armor in a special building in the Outland Village. For this, you’ll need some special stones, found in the Volcano — a new Outland place, which will containt three levels …

On the first level you’ll farm the stones for each element. On the second you’ll face Salamanders, which will mostly attack with their Fiery Breath (fire property skill). On the third level you are supposed to face the Ifrit — a boss, which will also cast fire-property spells.

The stones you collect on the first level of the volcano will be exchangable for fish in the Fishermen Village.

So, stay tuned for the update! Regards,

P.S. Listen to this cool theme from Ragnarok Online (which greatly inspires me) called «Sleeping Volcano» 🙂

Small Shipmaster update (build 4904)

Hi all!

If you are tired of brewing X potions one by one in the cauldron, you can now buy them for fish at Shipmaster’s house.

Also added hotkeys for Shipmaster’s buttons: «R» for Ship Repair Kits and «X» for X Potions.


P.S. Build 4905 — fixed a bug with spell naming of Sea Devil’s spells. Sometimes if you were killed by a meteor it could write that you were killed by tsunami ^^

Sea Devil update (build 4901)

He there!

Here is a new quest comming: the Sea Devil. It is available once you have 400 rank or more. Note that to challenge the Devil, you must equip either the Monkey Staff or Candy Cannon.

Some notes about mechanics:

  • Sea Devil has 6666 HP, but the damage it receives is devided by 4
  • The Devil casts Meteors and Tsunamis. The less HP it has, the more frequent the spell casting is.
  • Though meteors are spells technically, they can not be erased by using Erase Magic spell. So the only wat to avoid them is just swim. Tsunamis can be erased though.
  • Upon death, th Devil will drop its horns, which will reduce your damage taken from your Black Demons spell by 4. The Devil will also drop 25 000 000 candies for you.

Enjoy 🙂 Amegatron.