The Volcano update (build 4958)

Hi all!

Here is the partially implemented Volcano!

The update includes:

  • The Market, which can be found in the Pirate Bay. Here you can buy a pickaxe for farming gemstones. Also here you can exchange your gemstones for fish.
  • The Volcano itself with the only Level 1 implemented where you can farm gemstones. Note that you can «kill» ores only with a pickaxe.
  • Elemental armours. First collect some gemstones (one of each type). Then obtain a Knight Body Armour at the Castle’s entrance. Then you’ll be able to enchant it in the Forge (lower left building in the Outland Village) using the gemstones. An enchated armour will lower the damage from appropriate element by 90%. Also it will protect from other types of attack, lowering down the damage by 25%.
  • Fixed Enchanted Knight Body Armour. It now lowers down only 50% of the inflicted damage.

Test it and enjoy it! Regards and happy gemstone farming,

P.S. Almost forgot — changed the outlook of the Outland island )

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