The Pirate Quiz answers

Hello fellows!

Sorry for not updating the fork — I’m quite busy right now at other projects I’m involved in. Hope at least to finish the Volcano soon.

For now I saw that someone is stuck at the pirate’s quiz. For those I decided to post the answers to it. Don’t expand the following title if you don’t want to see the answers 🙂


What do we, pirates, value most of all in this world?


How do we earn candies?

Possible answers: rob, rob ships, robbery, robbing, loot, looting

What is our favorite drink?


What is the most pirate film do you know?

Pirates of the Caribbean



Small Shipmaster update (build 4904)

Hi all!

If you are tired of brewing X potions one by one in the cauldron, you can now buy them for fish at Shipmaster’s house.

Also added hotkeys for Shipmaster’s buttons: «R» for Ship Repair Kits and «X» for X Potions.


P.S. Build 4905 — fixed a bug with spell naming of Sea Devil’s spells. Sometimes if you were killed by a meteor it could write that you were killed by tsunami ^^

Sea Devil update (build 4901)

He there!

Here is a new quest comming: the Sea Devil. It is available once you have 400 rank or more. Note that to challenge the Devil, you must equip either the Monkey Staff or Candy Cannon.

Some notes about mechanics:

  • Sea Devil has 6666 HP, but the damage it receives is devided by 4
  • The Devil casts Meteors and Tsunamis. The less HP it has, the more frequent the spell casting is.
  • Though meteors are spells technically, they can not be erased by using Erase Magic spell. So the only wat to avoid them is just swim. Tsunamis can be erased though.
  • Upon death, th Devil will drop its horns, which will reduce your damage taken from your Black Demons spell by 4. The Devil will also drop 25 000 000 candies for you.

Enjoy 🙂 Amegatron.

Aborigine update (build 4824)

Hi all!

Here is a small update to the fork!

Firstly, I added a new ship — a War Galley, with 1000 hp and 50 pirates capacity. The art is the same as for a simple galley.

Secondly, new quest was added: robbing the aborigines. It may be taken at pirate’s house in the pirate bay, but you need at least 120 rank. There is a 10% chance that the aborigine will drop a Death Amulet, which will increase your pirates’ strength.

P.S. Also fixed enchanted knight armor to not work in sea quests.


Fishermen Village (build 4811)

Hello everyone!

Here is another update to the fork: a fishermen village! It is unlocked after you become a pirate …

The update includes:

  • New Fish resource, which can be farmed in the Fishermen Robbery quest.
    You may also hire a fisherman in the village to catch some fish for you.
  • Ship Repair Kit (SRK) — a potion analogue which will repair your ship during quest. You can obtain SRKs at Shipmaster’s house in the village (in exchange for some fish).

Hope you like it 🙂

P.S. If you need more fish — you may steal some from fisherman from time to time 🙂

Regards and happy fishing!

Become a pirate! (build 4690)

Hi all!

I’ve finished with implementation of the sea quests backend and now you may become a pirate! The pirate island is unlocked after you complete the coast.

Yet there is nothing you can do as a pirate, but I’ll add something soon: the shipyard, where you’ll be able to upgrade your ship, and some more sea quests!

Note, that swimming on your boat, your potions will not be available. I’ll add some special ship abilities later, such as ship repair during the quest (like health potions). Just now there is only one special ability available: lower the sails (the «L» hotkey), which will stop your boat from moving forward.

P.S. It seems that your saves from previous builds would not work, so you’d better start from the beginning to check the pirate island 🙁


Pirate island is coming

Hi all!

I want to share my latest thoughts about the pirate island.

After you complete the coast, you’ll be able to go to the pirate island. Here you’ll be able to become … a pirate! After a small quest of course — you must prove you are a true pirate 🙂

After becoming a pirate, a new branch of the game is unlocked. You get your first ship and will do the sea quiests — rob ships, beat sea monsters etc. The ship will be upgradable: you’ll boost its HP, hire more pirates, upgrade the onboard weapon!

Also I’m thinking of implementing the ranking system: the more quests you do, the more your pirate rank grows. The more rank you have — the more quests will be available!

So, stay tuned for further updates!