Current state and futher plans

Hi all!

I’ve just added the village to the island with two houses, non clickable at the moment: the house and the Armory. The armory is supposed to be the place, where the player would by a new wepoan: Candy Cannon.

So, the plan for the nearest future is to implent the armory and the cannon.

The cannon will shoot candy bombs, consuming player’s candies (like bullets). It is supposed that reloading the cannon would take much time, but the damage dealt by the bombs would be high enough to compensate the reload time. Also I plan it to be enchantable to reduce the reload time. As the cannon is supposed to be used in late-game, the price for it would be very high, as well as the candy consumption.

Also I should say that I am a very bad designer and I’m afraid I will not be able to draw the ascii for the weapon, so I need your help in this! Please leave the comments if you are willing to help me 🙂


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