Build number is now displayed

A small update: now the build number is displayed at the bottom of the page (e.g. «Version 1.2 (build 4592)»). I’ll reference this number in my posts when deploying updates so you’ll be able to check whether your currently loaded game is up to date (it may be cached you know).

P.S. If the number does not show up try refreshing two times, maybe pressing Ctrl key.

Cauldron update

Hi there.

I have deployed a small update to the cauldron: it now displays the quantity of potions you posess at the bottom of the page.

Also in this update a pirate island can be found. Not clickable at the moment.


Pirate island is coming

Hi all!

I want to share my latest thoughts about the pirate island.

After you complete the coast, you’ll be able to go to the pirate island. Here you’ll be able to become … a pirate! After a small quest of course — you must prove you are a true pirate 🙂

After becoming a pirate, a new branch of the game is unlocked. You get your first ship and will do the sea quiests — rob ships, beat sea monsters etc. The ship will be upgradable: you’ll boost its HP, hire more pirates, upgrade the onboard weapon!

Also I’m thinking of implementing the ranking system: the more quests you do, the more your pirate rank grows. The more rank you have — the more quests will be available!

So, stay tuned for further updates!


Small coast fixes

Changed the height of the Coast quest so it can be played on 15’6 screens without scrolling.

Also fixed the unlocking of the coast: it is now unlocked on the Outland map after the quest is taken, not after you complete the quest.

Chainsaw added!

Hello everyone!

Just added a new weapon to the game — A Chainsaw! It is much more powerfull then a skythe and consumes candies as its fuel. It is currently unlocked, I mean you start the game with it in the inventory. Will add it to the Armory later.


The Coast update

Hello fellows!

I’ve just finished with the Coast update!

First, go to the village on the Outland and visit Economist’s house to take the quest. He will direct you to the Coast where you’ll meet tough pirates! If you are lucky enough, one of them will drop the ring required to complete the quest (10% chance).

The reward for the quest is quite worthily: the ring itself, 2 chocolate bars and a huge discount for the Armory goods.

So, check it out! Hope you’ll like it 🙂

Good luck!

Futher plans

Good day everyone!

I want to share my plans for the Outland fork. I’m going to add some new locations/quests to the game: the Coast with some pirates and the Pirate Island itself. Also a new item is supposed to be added — a Ring of Economist which will lower the candy consumtion of candy-based weapons (currently by cannon only). Also the economist will make you a discount to the blacksmiths weapons on completion of the quest!

More detailes about the update will follow as I progress implementing it. So stay tuned!


English interface

I’m happy to announce that I managed to «translate» the interface into English. That was much easier than I expected 🙂